a comprehensive digital curriculum guide for students in grades k6

Based on your search query, I would recommend Common Curriculum as it seems to align best with your needs. This digital lesson planning and curriculum mapping tool is designed to help teachers create and manage their lesson plans efficiently. It offers a calendar-style layout for easy visualization of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lesson plans, which could be particularly useful for planning a comprehensive digital curriculum guide for students in grades K-6.

Key features of Common Curriculum that could be beneficial for you include:

  • Digital Lesson Planning: This feature allows you to create individual lesson plans and wider curriculum maps for the term and year.
  • Calendar-Style Layout: This provides a clear perspective on how the class is going to pan out, helping you to plan effectively.
  • Integration with Other Digital Systems: You can pull in content from other tools, such as images, videos, links, or files from Dropbox or Google Drive, making it easier to incorporate a variety of resources into your lesson plans.
  • Standards Tracker: This feature helps you track the standards you aim to meet and how often they are addressed in your plans, ensuring that your curriculum is comprehensive and aligned with educational standards.
  • Lesson Sharing: This feature allows you to share lesson plans with other teachers or admins, promoting collaboration and consistency across grade levels.

Common Curriculum offers a free basic plan, making it a cost-effective solution for your needs. If you find that you need more advanced features, a Pro plan is also available for $5.59 per month.

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