a free resources about halloween monster making for first grader

Based on your search, ScratchJr could be a great tool for creating Halloween monster-themed activities for your first graders.

While ScratchJr is primarily a programming language, its features allow for a wide range of creative applications. Your students can use the block-based coding system to create interactive stories or games featuring Halloween monsters. The blocks use icons instead of words, making it easy for young learners to understand and use.

The interface of ScratchJr is designed to resemble toys and art supplies, which could be particularly engaging for a Halloween-themed project. Students could use the platform to create their own Halloween monsters and incorporate them into a story or game.

Moreover, ScratchJr offers a range of teacher resources that could help you guide your students through this project. You could use these resources to plan lessons around the Halloween monster-making activity, integrating it into your curriculum in a way that also develops students' cognitive abilities such as logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Best of all, ScratchJr is a free tool, making it a cost-effective solution for your classroom.

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