A free tool for summarize video

Based on your search query, I would recommend using Notta. This tool has a feature that can transcribe spoken words from videos into text and generate summaries quickly. This could be particularly useful for summarizing video content.

Here's how Notta can help:

  1. Import Audio Files: You can import your video files and let Notta transcribe and summarize the content. This allows you to focus on other tasks.

  2. AI Summary: This feature provides quick summaries of the transcriptions, which can be a great time-saver when you need to understand the key points from a video.

  3. Multi-Device Compatibility: Notta works on phones, tablets, and computers, making it accessible wherever you need it.

  4. Free Plan: Notta offers a free plan that gives you 120 minutes per month, which should be sufficient for summarizing several videos.

Please note that some users have reported issues with slow transcription and occasional inaccuracies. However, the majority find Notta to be a useful tool for transcription and summarization.

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