a free tool to present information in an interactive way

Based on your search query, I would recommend Curipod as a suitable tool for presenting information in an interactive way.

Curipod is a digital tool for slide-based presentations that incorporates interactive elements such as polls, drawings, and questions to engage students during class. This feature can be particularly useful in gauging student understanding in real-time and promoting active participation.

You can upload your existing slide decks and enhance them with these interactive elements. For instance, you can add polls to your slides for instant student feedback or guide small group discussions and display results. This can make your presentations more dynamic and engaging, fostering a more interactive learning environment.

Moreover, Curipod offers a "Discover" library with ready-to-use lessons sorted by various topics, which can save you time in lesson preparation. You can also include reflection slides in your lessons to help students consolidate their understanding of new content.

Sharing your slides is easy with Curipod. You can share your slides with a simple code or link, and even allow other teachers to edit them. This can facilitate collaboration among teachers and sharing of resources.

For safety, Curipod allows teachers to moderate what gets displayed on the screen. This can ensure that the content displayed is appropriate and relevant to the lesson.

Lastly, Curipod offers a free plan that gives you access to all core features with some limitations. If you find the tool useful and need more features, there is also a premium plan available at $7.50 per month.

In conclusion, Curipod can be a great tool to present information in an interactive way, making your lessons more engaging and effective.

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