a tool where students highlight article and write notes

Based on your query, I believe Semantic Scholar could be a great fit for your needs. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help users search and discover academic research. It's a free platform that indexes over 200 million academic papers from various fields of science.

One of the key features that could be beneficial for your students is the Semantic Reader. This feature provides in-line citation cards and skimming highlights, which can help students quickly grasp the key points of a paper. They can use these highlights as a basis for their notes.

Moreover, the TLDR Feature generates single-sentence summaries of academic papers. This can help students identify the main idea of the paper, which they can then highlight and annotate.

In addition, Semantic Scholar provides access to full-text articles that your institution subscribes to. This means students can highlight and take notes directly on the articles, making it a comprehensive tool for research and note-taking.

In terms of classroom applications, Semantic Scholar can be used to promote critical thinking and analysis skills, improve information literacy and research skills, and help students develop their vocabulary and conceptual understanding in specific subject areas.

And the best part? Semantic Scholar is completely free to use!

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