A visual guide to the basic steps of deep learning.

Potential Paths:

Path 1: Use Decktopus or Beautiful.ai to create a visually appealing presentation of the fundamental steps of deep learning. Both tools offer built-in templates and utilize AI to populate and design slides, saving time and effort. Decktopus offers features to enhance the presentation's visual appeal and Beautiful.ai provides tools for real-time collaboration.

Path 2: There is no second path as the third option, Enlighten AI, does not align with the query requirements. It is primarily focused on grading and student assessment, rather than visual presentation or infographics.

Final Narrative: To solve your query of looking for a visual learning tool or infographic that clearly and concisely explains the fundamental steps of deep learning, you might want to utilize the features of Beautiful.ai.

Beautiful.ai leverages machine learning and natural language processing to draw out essential parts of your slides and enhances their visual appeal, without the need for design skills. A feature called 'Design AI' auto-generates the best design for your slides, ideal for educators who wish to make lessons visually engaging but may not have the time or design expertise.

Moreover, Beautiful.ai provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a collection of pre-made templates, simplifying the process of slide creation so you can focus more on the lesson content. Other features such as real-time team collaboration could potentially facilitate joint efforts in creating a more impactful presentation.

However, please consider that while Beautiful.ai is an efficient tool, user feedback indicates it may not fully cater to educational presentations and the trial version might be limiting. The lack of a completely free version and the yearly payment for a good deal may also be a consideration.

Regardless, Beautiful.ai is a suitable tool that fulfills your requirements for a clear and concise infographic or visual learning tool explaining deep learning fundamentals. It is recommended that you try out the 14-day free trial to evaluate the product and determine if it suits your needs.

If you want more unique design options and are ready to compromise a bit on the design aspects, Decktopus could be another appropriate choice, although it requires a constant internet connection and offers limited customization.

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