aioptimized practice worksheets for math and physics

Based on your search query, I would recommend Questionwell and Gyosu as they both offer AI-optimized practice worksheets for math and physics.

Questionwell uses artificial intelligence to generate diverse question sets based on provided material. It supports different languages and can be used for any subject or topic. The platform's key features include a Question Generator that allows teachers to generate questions based on various inputs, a Question Bank that aligns learning objectives with the generated questions, and an Export feature that allows teachers to export the questions to various platforms.

On the other hand, Gyosu is an AI-powered tool designed to assist math teachers in creating educational materials. It generates worksheets, problems, quizzes, and exams, reducing the time teachers spend on administrative tasks. The platform's key features include a Generative AI that creates a variety of math problems, and a Customization feature that allows teachers to select the type of workbook, document type, chapter, section, and problem type they want to create.

By using these two platforms in combination, you can generate a wide range of practice worksheets for your students, tailored to their specific learning needs and objectives.

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