Anyone know a good AI website to help create worksheets/forms based on iep goals to help progress monitor?

Based on your query, I would recommend MagicSchool AI and SchoolAI as they both offer features that can help you create worksheets/forms based on IEP goals for progress monitoring.

MagicSchool AI has a Content Generation feature that allows for the quick creation of original, standards-aligned educational content. This could be used to create worksheets that align with your students' IEP goals. Additionally, its Assessment Creation feature generates custom assessments that align with the curriculum and learning objectives, which could be useful for progress monitoring.

On the other hand, SchoolAI offers a Document Generation feature that can write any kind of document for schools, including worksheets. This could save you a significant amount of time when creating worksheets based on IEP goals. Furthermore, SchoolAI's Assessment Creation and Monitoring feature creates assessments that teachers can monitor, which could be beneficial for tracking your students' progress towards their IEP goals.

Both tools are currently free for teachers, making them cost-effective solutions. However, please note that MagicSchool AI plans to switch to a subscription model in the future, and SchoolAI offers a Pro plan at $14.99/mo for additional features.

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