application for open source intelligence gathering

Based on your query, I recommend using Semantic Scholar. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help users search and discover academic research, making it a powerful resource for open source intelligence gathering.

Here's how Semantic Scholar can address your needs:

  • TLDR Feature: This feature generates single-sentence summaries of academic papers, helping you quickly identify relevant research.
  • Semantic Reader: This augmented reader provides in-line citation cards and skimming highlights, allowing you to quickly grasp key points of a paper.
  • Free Access to Academic Papers: With over 200 million academic papers indexed from various fields of science, Semantic Scholar provides a vast resource for your intelligence gathering.
  • Unique Identifier for Each Paper: Each paper on Semantic Scholar is assigned a unique Semantic Scholar Corpus ID (S2CID), making it easy to reference and find specific papers.
  • Access to Full-Text Articles: Through its Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) and LibKey integration, Semantic Scholar provides access to full-text articles that your institution subscribes to.

In addition, Semantic Scholar is free to use, making it a cost-effective solution for your open source intelligence gathering needs.

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