automated essay scoring

Based on your search query, I recommend using Gradescope for automated essay scoring. This tool uses AI-assisted grading to help you efficiently grade written exams and homework. It also allows for dynamic point adjustment to the rubric items and values during grading, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your grading needs.

Moreover, Gradescope integrates seamlessly with learning systems like Canvas and Brightspace, making it easy to add class rosters and push grades to these systems. This feature can help streamline your grading process and reduce administrative tasks.

Additionally, Gradescope provides consistent feedback across multiple submissions, which can help maintain grading uniformity. It also offers detailed analytics on student performance, giving you insights into areas where students may need additional support.

In terms of pricing, Gradescope offers a free basic plan that includes dynamic rubrics, basic assignment types, statistics, and a student mobile app. This makes it a cost-effective solution for automated essay scoring.

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