Potential Paths: Path 1: Unfortunately, none of the three EdTech tools - Eduaide, MagicSchool AI, and Education CoPilot - are an educational robot or a coding tool. Modifying the search query and examining for another solution might be more effective. Path 2: Ask the user if they have non-coding solutions in mind as backup options. If they do, products like Eduaide, MagicSchool AI, or Education CoPilot can be recommended as they offer an array of features but aren't coding specific tools.

Final Narrative: I'm sorry, but we were unable to locate a suitable EdTech product for your specific query regarding an educational robot or coding tool named Beebot. None of the top three results from our database search - Eduaide, MagicSchool AI, or Education CoPilot - meet your criteria as they don't provide an educational robot or a coding tool.

These tools offer a wide range of other exciting features that can assist in creating and managing educational content, but unfortunately, they don't include any coding related features.

If you have an alternative use case apart from coding tools, please rephrase your search query, and we'll be happy to provide assistance again. If coding tools are your only requirement, you may want to verify the name of the product (Beebot), or try again with more specific terms related to coding or robotics.

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