behavioural problems

Based on your query, I recommend using Gradescope. This tool can help manage behavioural problems by providing consistent and detailed feedback to students.

The AI-Assisted Grading feature can help you grade assignments and exams efficiently, allowing you to spend more time addressing behavioural issues. The Dynamic Point Adjustment Rubric allows you to adjust grading criteria even while grading, ensuring fairness and consistency.

Moreover, Gradescope provides Detailed Analytics on student performance, which can help you identify patterns in behaviour and academic performance. This can be particularly useful in addressing behavioural problems as it allows you to understand the root cause of the issue and tailor your approach accordingly.

Finally, the Consistent Feedback feature ensures that grading is uniform across multiple submissions, which can help in maintaining discipline and fairness in the classroom.

Remember, Gradescope works best when integrated with learning systems like Canvas and Brightspace, and it's most effective for large, multi-section classes.

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