best apps for lesson planning with a calendar

Based on your query, I would recommend Common Curriculum as it seems to be the most suitable tool for your needs. It offers a calendar-style layout for easy visualization of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lesson plans, which aligns with your requirement for a lesson planning tool with a calendar.

The digital lesson planning feature allows you to create individual lesson plans and wider curriculum maps for the term and year. This can help you stay organized and ensure that your lessons are well-structured and aligned with your teaching goals.

Moreover, Common Curriculum integrates with other digital systems like Google Docs and Dropbox, allowing you to pull in content from these platforms. This can be particularly useful if you already have lesson materials stored on these platforms, as it can save you time and effort in transferring these materials into your lesson plans.

Lastly, the Standards Tracker feature can help you track the standards you aim to meet and how often you touch on them in your plans. This can be a valuable tool in ensuring that your lessons are meeting the necessary educational standards.

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