Potential Paths: Path 1: Use Prodigy as it is specifically designed for students from grade 1 to 8, is adaptive, and offers real-time feedback. It aligns with the curriculum and can be tracked by teachers and parents. Also, it can be used on various devices like computers and tablets which meets the teacher's criteria. Path 2: Use a combination of Prodigy and Education CoPilot. Prodigy provides the student-facing solution with its educational math games suitable for 3rd-grade students. Education CoPilot, on the other hand, can aid teachers in efficient lesson planning, generating handouts, and creating student reports, which can be shared with parents for a comprehensive educational approach.

Final Narrative: Based on your search criteria, the Prodigy platform presents a suitable solution for your needs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Registration: Visit the Prodigy website and sign up as a teacher. Please ensure that your students also register individually or you include them in your classroom account.
  2. Class Setup: Set up your classroom in the Prodigy platform, inputting details such as grade level and mathematical concepts to be covered in the curriculum.
  3. Student Engagement: Let your students start using the platform. They can select avatars, go on virtual adventures, and solve math problems to earn rewards. This engaging environment will encourage them to learn while playing.
  4. Student Progress Monitoring: Access detailed reports to track the progress and performance of each student. Utilize this crucial knowledge to tailor your teaching and provide additional support where needed.
  5. Parental Control Encouragement: Encourage parents to create parent accounts linked to their children's student accounts. This further optimizes oversight and aligns with your requirement for parental controls.

Prodigy offers a balanced mix of learning and fun which makes it highly suitable for young learners. Remember that Prodigy aligns with common educational standards, ensuring your students are learning relevant content. Happy teaching!

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