can i photocopy my students exams and grade them online?

Potential Paths: Path 1: Use Pedagogical to create assessable content from the uploaded images, then use Gradescope for grading the images with its AI-assisted feature. The benefits of this path are the variety of features from the former and AI-assisted grading from the latter. Path 2: Use Gradescope for both uploading and grading the images. There's a single interface for both tasks, reducing the potential confusion from using multiple platforms.

Final Narrative: Based on your request for an EdTech tool that can scan students' printed exams, upload the images, and grade them online, the most efficient solution would be Gradescope.

Gradescope is a user-friendly platform that allows teachers to grade both individual student assignments and exams that they upload. It uses a dynamic point adjustment rubric, allowing for changes to grading criteria even during the grading process itself. This tool also exhibits detailed analytics on student performance to give real-time insights about areas of improvement.

You begin by scanning and uploading each of the exam images to Gradescope. Once they are uploaded, the platform's AI-Assisted Grading feature will help speed up the process, taking the burden of manual grading off your shoulders. It ensures consistent feedback is provided across multiple submissions.

The tool smoothly integrates with popular education systems like Canvas and Brightspace making it easier to synchronize class rosters and push grades. If your school uses any of these platforms, the process will be incredibly seamless.

For a visual touch, Gradescope provides annotation tools to provide tailored feedback to students. This pinpoints areas in their answers that need improvement or where they excel.

On the pricing front, Gradescope offers a free basic plan that includes dynamic rubrics, basic assignment types, and access to detailed statistics, so you should be able to start without additional costs.

By adopting Gradescope, your query of transforming traditional paper exams into a digitized grading platform becomes resolved, providing the ease of grading without jeopardizing the consistency or accuracy of grades.

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