classroom engagement

Based on your search query for "classroom engagement", I would recommend Nearpod. This platform is designed to enhance student engagement through interactive lessons, both in-person and remotely.

Nearpod allows you to transform your existing content into interactive presentations with quizzes, polls, videos, and collaborative boards. This feature can help you create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for your students.

The platform also offers two modes of instruction: Live Participation and Student-Paced. This flexibility can cater to different learning styles and paces, further enhancing student engagement.

Nearpod also provides real-time formative assessment and session reports. This feature can help you gauge your students' understanding during the lesson and adjust your teaching strategies accordingly.

Moreover, Nearpod offers a vast library of 22,000+ pre-made standards-aligned lessons, videos, and activities for all K-12 subjects. This resource can save you time in lesson planning and ensure that your lessons are aligned with educational standards.

In terms of pricing, Nearpod offers a free Silver plan with basic features, a Gold plan at $120 per year, and a Platinum plan at $349 per year. The plans differ in storage capacity and the number of student joins per lesson. Customized plans are available for schools, districts, and higher education institutions.

In conclusion, Nearpod offers a variety of features that can help you enhance classroom engagement. Its interactive presentations, real-time formative assessment, and vast library of pre-made lessons make it a versatile and effective tool for enhancing student engagement.

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