Create a dashboard on excel to track student progress

Hello there,

Based on your requirement for a data visualization tool that can create a customizable dashboard on Excel to track and display student progress, none of the top three EdTech products from the database search - Pedagogical, Prodigy, and Decktopus - seem to offer this specific feature.

Pedagogical is more focused on creating quizzes, summaries, and providing tailored essay feedback. Prodigy is a math learning tool for students from grades 1 to 8, offering adaptive learning and real-time feedback. While it does provide comprehensive reporting, it doesn't mention the ability to create a customizable dashboard on Excel. Decktopus, on the other hand, is a presentation tool that uses AI to populate your slides.

Unfortunately, none of these tools seem to meet your specific needs for data visualization and customizable Excel dashboards. I recommend continuing your search for a tool that specializes in data visualization and reporting, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, which might be more suitable for your needs.

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