Potential Paths: Path 1: Recommending MagicSchool AI as it covers all the teacher's requirements: lesson planning, organizing materials, and adding notes. The tool also comes with an intuitive interface making it easier for the teacher to navigate. Path 2: Alternatively, Education CoPilot can also serve the teacher's needs, providing additional features such as bilingual support and customizable handouts.

Final Narrative:

From your search query, I've found a solution that could meet your needs effectively. MagicSchool AI is a comprehensive teaching tool that aligns with your search criteria.

With MagicSchool AI, you can systematize your teaching materials and resources within its platform. It has a Lesson Planning feature that provides a well-organized library of plans tailored to various subjects, grade levels, and learning objectives. This could be a significant asset for your lesson organization and scheduling process.

In addition, MagicSchool AI allows the quick creation of original educational content. This aligns with your desire to add notes or additional information to complement your teaching materials.

The platform boasts an intuitive interface with a tool filter for easy navigation and a quick copy button for effortless pasting. This user-friendly design would facilitate your lesson planning process without incurring additional technical challenges.

Currently, MagicSchool AI is free for teachers. However, they plan to switch to a subscription model soon. It's advisable to start using the platform now and familiarize yourself with its suite of tools.

Overall, MagicSchool AI could be a beneficial tool to help you optimize your lesson planning process and manage your teaching organization more efficiently. The blend of their comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface makes this platform an excellent match for your needs.

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