daily task management

Based on your search for a daily task management tool, I recommend iDoceo. This comprehensive digital tool for teachers combines a gradebook, planner, diary, and resource manager into a single platform, making it an excellent choice for managing daily tasks.

Here's how iDoceo can help you:

  • Lesson Planner: This feature allows you to organize your lessons and schedules, making it easier to manage your daily tasks and keep track of what needs to be done.
  • Diary: This feature helps you keep track of classroom activities and events, ensuring you never miss a task or deadline.
  • Resource Manager: This feature helps you manage various resources, including PDFs, audio files, links, images, and more. This means you can keep all your teaching resources in one place, making it easier to manage your daily tasks.
  • Integration with Moodle, Google Classroom, and MS Teams: This feature allows you to link your current classes or import them from these platforms directly into iDoceo, making it easier to manage your daily tasks across multiple platforms.

iDoceo is available as a one-time purchase of $11.99 on the App Store, with no additional subscriptions or in-app purchases required.

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