Based on your search query, I believe Speechflow could be a great fit for your needs. This tool is designed to convert audio into text quickly and accurately, which could be particularly useful for dictation exercises in your classroom.

One of the standout features of Speechflow is its multilingual support. It works in 14 languages, which could be beneficial if you're teaching in a multilingual setting or if you're teaching a foreign language.

Another key feature is its high accuracy. Speechflow produces transcriptions that are 20% more accurate than other tools. This could ensure that your students are getting the most accurate information from their dictation exercises.

Additionally, Speechflow offers fast processing. It can transcribe an hour-long audio file in less than 3 minutes. This could save you a lot of time when preparing materials for your students.

Finally, Speechflow operates on a transparent pricing model. It uses a pay-as-you-go system, which could help you manage your budget more effectively.

In terms of classroom applications, Speechflow could be used for lecture transcriptions, language learning, documenting parent-teacher meetings, and helping students prepare and review their oral presentations.

Please note that Speechflow requires an internet connection to function and its performance depends on the quality of the audio input. However, given its features and potential applications, it could be a valuable tool for your teaching needs.

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