Easier way to find content

Based on your query, I would recommend Learnt.ai. This AI-driven tool is designed to assist teachers in creating learning content. It offers a range of features that can make finding and creating content easier for you.

The AI-Generated Content feature can generate content for you, saving time and automating the content creation process. This means you can focus more on teaching and less on content creation.

Additionally, Learnt.ai can be integrated with existing learning management systems, streamlining the learning process for you and your students. This feature can make it easier for you to find and organize your content.

Lastly, the Personalization feature can help you tailor content and assessments to each student's needs and abilities. This can make your content more effective and engaging for your students.

Learnt.ai offers a free plan with limited features, and paid plans starting at $9 per month.

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