ev3 instructions

Based on your search query for "ev3 instructions", it seems you're looking for a tool that can help with programming or robotics instruction. While neither ScratchJr nor Nearpod directly provide EV3 instructions, they can be used to supplement your teaching in this area.

ScratchJr is a programming language designed for young children. It uses a block-based coding system, which is similar to the programming approach used in EV3. This could help students understand the logic and structure of programming, which is a crucial part of working with EV3. The platform also encourages exploration and creativity, which are important in robotics.

On the other hand, Nearpod is a student engagement platform that allows you to create interactive lessons. You could use this tool to create lessons around EV3 instructions, incorporating quizzes, polls, and videos to make the learning process more engaging. The platform also provides real-time formative assessment, which could be useful in gauging students' understanding of the EV3 instructions.

In conclusion, while neither tool directly provides EV3 instructions, both could be valuable in teaching and reinforcing the concepts and skills needed to understand and use EV3 effectively.

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