free tools for planning a language teaching workshop

Based on your search query, I would recommend using Common Curriculum for planning your language teaching workshop. This tool is specifically designed for lesson planning and curriculum mapping, making it an ideal choice for your needs.

Here's how Common Curriculum can help:

  • Digital Lesson Planning: You can create individual lesson plans for your workshop sessions, ensuring a well-structured and organized approach.
  • Calendar-Style Layout: This feature will allow you to visualize your workshop schedule easily, helping you manage your time and resources effectively.
  • Integration with Other Digital Systems: If you have content on Google Docs or Dropbox, you can easily pull it into your lesson plans. This feature can save you time and keep all your resources in one place.
  • Lesson Sharing: You can share your lesson plans with other teachers or workshop facilitators, promoting collaboration and consistency.
  • Printable Plans: If you prefer having a hard copy of your plans, you can easily print them out. This feature can also be useful if you want to provide your workshop participants with physical copies of the workshop schedule or lesson plans.

Remember, Common Curriculum offers a free basic plan, which should be sufficient for planning your language teaching workshop.

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