Based on your query, I would recommend Gradescope as it is specifically designed to streamline the grading process.

Gradescope offers a dynamic point adjustment rubric, allowing you to change grading criteria even while grading. This feature provides flexibility and ensures that your grading remains consistent across multiple submissions.

Moreover, Gradescope uses AI-assisted grading to help grade written exams and homework, which can significantly reduce your workload. It also provides detailed analytics on student performance, giving you insights into areas where students may need additional support.

Another advantage of Gradescope is its integration with learning systems like Canvas and Brightspace. This feature makes it easy to add class rosters and push grades to these systems, further simplifying your grading process.

In summary, Gradescope offers a comprehensive solution to your grading needs with its dynamic rubrics, AI-assisted grading, and seamless integration with other learning systems.

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