Based on your search query, I would recommend Grammarly as a suitable EdTech tool.

Grammarly is a comprehensive digital writing tool that can help you ensure your written materials are error-free. It checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, and also offers stylistic and best-practice writing suggestions. This can be particularly useful when creating lesson plans, assignments, or any other written content for your students.

One of the standout features of Grammarly is its Plagiarism Checker. This feature scans text for matches on the web and academic databases, which can be a valuable tool in ensuring students' work is original.

Another useful feature is the Real-Time Comments and Suggestions. As you write, Grammarly provides suggestions and explanations, which can aid in the writing process and help improve your writing skills over time.

Grammarly also uses a Color-Coding Process to differentiate errors and provide immediate feedback, making it easy to spot and correct mistakes.

Finally, the Setting Goals feature allows you to tailor Grammarly's suggestions based on your audience and domain, ensuring the tool is as effective as possible in helping you achieve your writing goals.

In conclusion, Grammarly is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance your writing process, making it a great choice for your needs.

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