Has anyone found a free ai tool that will make an outline for students if an existing YouTube video? This would be so helpful.

Based on your query, Nolej AI seems the most suitable to help generate video outlines or summaries from YouTube content. Here's how you could use it:

  1. Start by uploading your YouTube video onto the Nolej platform. Nolej AI accepts various formats, including videos.
  2. Nolej AI will automatically process the content to generate a micro-learning package. This package includes interactive features such as quizzes, flashcards, and glossaries that are all automatically crafted from your video content.
  3. While the platform doesn't explicitly generate "outlines" or "summaries," the provided definitions, quizzes, and flashcard topics may very well serve as such, offering a thorough breakdown of the video's main points.
  4. Once Nolej AI has created your package, you can decide on your method for sharing it. You could push it directly to Google Classroom, download it as SCORM or HTML5 for your website, embed the code into most website back ends, or share a URL pointing directly to the package.

By using this tool, you should be able to effectively turn your YouTube content into valuable educational material with the added bonus of interactivity. Considering its adaptability to existing workflows and multilingual support, Nolej AI is a robust tool that should meet your needs quite well.

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