Hi there, I am new so forgive me if this has been covered a billion times. I am looking for an AI tool that will differentiate reading materials for varied reading levels. Also, if you can think of any other AI tools that will blow my mind as a special education high school teacher Id love your suggestions.

Based on the features you have requested, I recommend you use a combination of MagicSchool AI and Diffit.

Here is why: MagicSchool AI can adapt reading materials to various proficiency levels within a classroom, which directly matches your request for an AI-based tool that can adapt reading materials to suit different reading levels. It also provides additional features that you may find helpful, such as content generation, lesson planning, and advanced proofreading.

On the other hand, you can leverage Diffit's specialty in adjusting texts based on the reading levels of students. It can break down texts and recreate variants to fit different reading abilities. This feature is particularly notable if you have students who read at different levels in your class. Diffit also offers multilingual support, summary creation, and text accessibility for visually-impaired students.

To leverage these two products effectively:

  1. Log into your MagicSchool AI account and explore the variety of tools available. Pay particular attention to the text leveling feature, which lets you adapt reading materials to various proficiency levels. Use this tool to set a baseline for the reading materials you're going to use in class.

  2. After adjusting the reading materials with MagicSchool AI, switch to Diffit. Input your pre-adjusted text into Diffit', and it will break it down to create even more tailored versions based on reading level.

  3. Use these adjusted texts in your lessons. Different versions for different reading proficiency levels will ensure each student is catered to accurately.

  4. Beyond reading materials adjustment, utilize MagicSchool AI for lesson planning, creating educational content, and writing assessments. This will save time and help you focus on catering to your students' needs more effectively.

By following these steps, you'll be able to facilitate engaging and comprehensible lessons for students with a range of reading proficiency levels.

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