Potential Paths: Path 1: Utilizing Eduaide, which provides over 100 resource types, with a particular emphasis on using AI for creating personalized educational content. This software also gives instant, actionable feedback on student’s work and envisions to be a valuable time-saving tool in searching for resources. Path 2: Choosing Pedagogical, equipped to assist teachers in generating instructional materials with a great emphasis on visual aids. However, this software is currently in beta and might have potential limitations in terms of usage.

Final Narrative:

From your search, it appears that a powerful tool that can cater to your needs is Eduaide. It is an application that uses artificial intelligence to support teachers in developing an array of educational resources including lesson plans, quizzes, and more.

Eduaide stands out among the search results due to its ability to produce high-quality educational content in over 100 resource types, aligning with your need to create educational materials or visual aids for your lessons. You can tailor the generated content to meet the specific needs of your students with ease.

Moreover, this tool offers an added advantage of saving time facilitating resource adaptation. It does this by shortening your time spent searching for resources, leaving more time for you to adapt and personalize them improving your workflow.

Notably, Eduaide also provides a feedback bot that gives instant, valuable feedback on your students' work, further enhancing your teaching experience. This could be especially beneficial when you are looking to provide individual assessments.

Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface with dropdown menus for subject and grade level, making it easier to fine-tune the resources generated as per your specific needs. This makes navigation through the tool easier, allowing you to obtain results that are specific to your teaching requirements.

Lastly, Eduaide prioritizes data privacy and does not store any student work or AI-generated content. This tool offers free access to teachers, ensuring the cost is not a barrier to quality educational tools.

Checking product updates, their website, user reviews, and having a hands-on experience will definitely provide more in-depth insight into this tool. Always remember to align your choices with your teaching style and specific classroom needs to maximize the value you receive from the tool.

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