how do I create custom illustrations

Potential Paths: Path 1: Gamma allows customizable presentations through colors, fonts, widgets and themes. The AI-Powered Text and Design aspect might provide deeper design capabilities, although original illustrations may be limited. Path 2: provides a Drag-and-Drop Editor and has a feature called Design AI that helps determine the optimal design for your slides. The flexibility could potentially facilitate the creation of original illustrations.

Final Narrative: If you're in search of a graphic design tool to facilitate your creation of original illustrations, is likely to meet your needs. The platform is equipped with intelligent features like Design AI which will assist in determining visually appealing designs for your project.

Moreover, comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that allows you to effortlessly place and move around various elements within your workspace. This feature is crucial for users who wish to not only create with ease but also to deliver their desired level of design customisation.

In case you want to team up with colleagues or even engage students in a joint project, offers real-time collaboration which could make group-based tasks much easier and streamlined.

However, some users do feel that the platform is centered more towards business presentations so there might be some constraints as compared to a dedicated graphic design software. Nevertheless, it's still worth giving a shot as it has the potential to enhance your creative presentations.

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