How do I effectively grade my students recording assignments in English classes?

Potential Paths: Path 1: Use Gradescope for its dynamic point adjustment rubric and AI-assisted grading feature coupled with Notta for its ability to transcribe student recordings. Path 2: Use Pedagogical alone, although it doesn't specifically support audio inputs or rubric-based assessments, it offers a range of other teaching aids.

Final Narrative: You require a tool to assist with rubric-based assessment for your English classes, particularly for grading student recordings. Based on the EdTech products searched, a combination of Gradescope and Notta could be the effective solution for your needs.

Gradescope offers a dynamic point adjustment rubric that can change the grading criteria while grading. This would allow you to efficiently manage your desired rubric system. Additionally, it employs AI-assisted grading to accelerate the process, freeing up more time for other aspects of your work.

For handling student recordings, Notta has excellent abilities in transforming spoken words into text. It not only provides real-time transcription, but can also identify which speaker said what—useful for individual student optimisation. It incorporates timestamps into transcriptions, helping you track when certain topics are discussed, and can import audio files, so you could directly import your student recordings for transcription.

Both Gradescope and Notta offer basic plans for free, allowing an option for a no-cost startup. They should cover your needs, but premium plans are available for additional features should you find them necessary.

For the best results, just employ Gradescope for grading based on your rubrics, and then use Notta to transcribe your students’ oral exam recordings and assessments. This combination will allow you to evaluate and grade the oral skills of your students in the most efficient way. Remember to plan your rubrics well in advance when using Gradescope.

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