How do I present my story using images, sound and film?

Based on your query, I would recommend using Tome for your storytelling needs. This tool uses artificial intelligence to transform your short prompts into complete, visually rich narratives. It's perfect for creating presentations that incorporate images, sound, and film.

One of the key features of Tome is its seamless media integration. This allows you to add images, videos, live product mocks, and even 3D prototypes to your stories, making the storytelling experience richer and more immersive. This feature aligns perfectly with your need to present your story using various media forms.

Furthermore, Tome is device agnostic, offering responsive layouts that adapt to any screen size. This ensures that your audience can enjoy an immersive experience, regardless of the device they are using.

Lastly, Tome also offers analytics tracking, which could be useful if you want to monitor engagement metrics and assess the impact of your story.

While Curipod is also a great tool for creating interactive presentations, it seems more focused on classroom interactions and may not offer the same level of media integration as Tome. Therefore, for your specific needs, Tome seems to be the more suitable option.

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