How do I take a test and create multiple versions of that assessment?

Potential Paths: Path 1: Using Quizalize to create multiple versions of a test with randomization of questions. Its feature to create, purchase, or import a variety of quizzes and collections, along with the Mastery Mode for students' attempt improvement, could fulfill the user's need effectively. Path 2: Leveraging Quizziz as it accommodates the rapid creation of interactive content, builds upon a vast library of pre-made quizzes, and provides real-time data insights for performance tracking. The AI Enhancement can diversify the question format by converting them into real-world scenarios.

Final Narrative: Considering your need to generate multiple versions of a test with randomization of questions, the product that can best fulfill your needs effectively is Quizalize.

To utilize Quizalize, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the Quizalize website, and sign up for an account. Although there is a free version, for full access to all features, consider choosing one of the paid packages.

  2. Making a Quiz: From the dashboard, navigate to the "create quiz" option. Here you can build your own quiz with questions ranging from multiple choices to letter scrambles.

  3. Collections: If you're planning to make multiple versions of a test, use the collections feature. You can group several different quizzes together under the same topic.

  4. Randomization: When creating individual quizzes, rotate question orders or vary your question types to introduce randomness.

  5. Mastery Mode: Consider enabling the Mastery Mode for student quizzes. In this mode, students must attempt incorrect questions until they answer correctly, ensuring comprehension of all questions.

  6. Instant Feedback: The platform provides immediate feedback, which allows students to understand their mistakes instantly, thus improving their learning process.

  7. Performance Monitoring: Utilize the data tracking feature to understand where each student may need additional support.

With this tool, you should find creating randomized and engaging quizzes an easier task, with the added benefit of gaining insights into students' comprehension for each quiz.

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