How do I take an article and level that article to meets students reading level?

Potential Paths: Path 1: The user can use Diffit to adjust texts according to students' reading levels. To assess a student's reading level, MagicSchool AI can be used, which generates assessments that align with the curriculum and learning objectives. This way, teachers could evaluate students' reading levels and adjust texts accordingly. Path 2: Returning to MagicSchool AI, teachers could take advantage of their text leveling feature to adapt reading materials given a student's proficiency level. While this directly aligns with the user's query, it might not automatically adjust the reading level of articles. Instead, parallel to Diffit, teachers can assess students and subsequently level texts.

Final Narrative: Based on your query, these two edTech products could be of great help: MagicSchool AI and Diffit. Here's how these tools can help:

  1. Use MagicSchool AI to determine your students' reading level. To do this, create a reading comprehension-based assessment using MagicSchool's "Assessment Creation" tool.
  2. Depending on students' responses and performance, determine their reading level. This will give the baseline for adjusting the reading material.
  3. Once you have established the reading levels, use Diffit to adjust the reading level of any given article. Simply input the text you want to adjust into Diffit. It will break down and then rebuild the text to match your students' reading level.
  4. Distribute the adjusted texts to your students. They will now have access to reading materials tailored to their comprehension.

Remember: MagicSchool AI is excellent for generating assessments that are accurately aligned with curriculum objectives, and Diffit stands out for its ability to adjust texts based on students' reading levels. Together, these tools can greatly enhance differentiated reading instruction in your classroom.

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