How do I turn my PowerPoint presentation into a quiz with extra questions

Potential Paths: Path 1: Using Quizizz or Quizalize for the quiz-making feature and integrating that with an external presentation platform. Path 2: Using Quizalize for question creation in conjunction with MagicSlides for creating visually engaging presentations.

Final Narrative: Based on your needs, I would recommend using both Quizalize and MagicSlides.

Start with Quizalize. It's a tool that can turn your quizzes into engaging class activities. Besides the typical multiple choice format, Quizalize also supports other quiz types. The platform is flexible, allowing you to simply choose from an extensive library of pre-made quizzes or create your own quizzes if you prefer. As soon as the students complete the quiz, they receive immediate feedback. In addition, Quizalize tracks performance data of each student and represents them as actionable insights, enabling you to tailor future lessons according to students' needs. The platform is also reasonably priced, with Quizalize Premium at $4.99 or $3.99 for teams, offering full functionality.

After preparing the quizzes, you can leverage MagicSlides to transform your textual content into visually compelling presentations. MagicSlides is particularly useful for presentation creation due to its customization features. It offers different themes, font choices, color palettes, and layouts to match your unique requirements. MagicSlides also supports all languages, which can be helpful in diverse student groups. You could even include references to your quiz content in the slides to build a cohesive learning experience.

By combining the quiz capabilities of Quizalize and the dynamic presentation capabilities of MagicSlides, you will be able to create presentations with integrated quizzes that are engaging and tailored to your students.

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