how to create presentations to teach content

Based on your query, I would recommend Curipod for creating interactive presentations to teach content.

Curipod is a digital tool specifically designed for slide-based presentations. It uses AI to make the creation process quicker and easier, which could be a great time-saver for you.

One of the key features of Curipod is the ability to make existing slides interactive. You can upload your current slide decks and add elements such as polls, drawings, and questions for in-class interactions. This feature could be particularly useful for engaging students and encouraging active participation during lessons.

Another notable feature is the "Discover" library, which provides ready-to-use lessons sorted by various topics. If you're short on time or need inspiration, this feature could be a valuable resource.

Curipod also allows for real-time results, enabling you to see live activity from students. This could be beneficial for assessing student understanding during the lesson and making necessary adjustments.

Lastly, Curipod offers easy sharing options. You can share your slides with a simple code or link, and even allow other teachers to edit them. This could be useful for collaborative teaching or sharing resources with colleagues.

In terms of pricing, Curipod offers a free plan with access to all core features, albeit with some limitations. There's also a premium plan at $7.50 per month, which includes all free features and more.

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