how to help english teachers use kinesthetic way to teach english for middle school students?

Based on your query, I would recommend hilink as it offers a variety of interactive tools that can be used to teach English in a kinesthetic way.

The Virtual Classroom feature of hilink includes interactive tools such as breakout rooms and whiteboards, which can be used to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. For instance, you can use the breakout rooms for group activities where students can practice speaking and listening skills in a more intimate setting. The whiteboard can be used for interactive grammar or vocabulary exercises, allowing students to physically engage with the material.

Additionally, hilink's AI Lesson Planner recommends engaging activities to enrich the classroom environment. This could include kinesthetic activities that involve movement and tactile experiences, which are beneficial for middle school students who learn best through physical activities.

Lastly, the Student Engagement Tools like quizzes and polls can be used to ensure students are actively participating and understanding the material. These tools can be used to create interactive games or competitions, further incorporating movement and physical activity into the learning process.

In combination with hilink, you could also use Twee to speed up lesson planning with quick content creation. It can help you produce different types of questions, dialogues, stories, and exercises, all related to the teaching topic at hand. This can save you time and allow you to focus more on creating an engaging and interactive learning environment.

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