how to solve slow learning

Based on your query, I would recommend using a combination of hilink, Almanack, and edpuzzle to address slow learning in your students.

With hilink, you can leverage the AI Lesson Planner to create comprehensive lesson plans quickly and efficiently. This feature can recommend engaging activities to enrich the classroom environment, which can be beneficial for slow learners who may need more interactive and engaging methods to grasp concepts. The Student Engagement Tools like quizzes and polls can also help ensure students are actively participating and understanding the material.

Almanack can further enhance your teaching process with its Curriculum-Aligned Lesson Planning and Resource Generation features. These can help you create lessons and materials that are tailored to your students' learning pace. The Customized Learning feature can provide insights into individual learning needs, allowing you to personalize instruction for slow learners.

Finally, edpuzzle can be used to customize online videos for specific learning objectives. This can be particularly useful for slow learners, as you can add voice-over comments, embedded assessment questions, and links to videos to provide additional explanations or clarifications. The Progress Tracking feature can also help you monitor the progress of your students over time, allowing you to identify areas where they may be struggling and need additional support.

By using these three tools in combination, you can create a comprehensive and personalized learning environment that caters to the needs of slow learners.

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