I am planning on putting together a lesson for my Secondary English students to guide them towards AI tools that they can use to support and facilitate their learning. Any suggestions for tools beyond ChatGPT?

Based on your search for an AI educational tool that can enhance English learning for Secondary students, the tool Eduaide fits your needs perfectly. It incorporates advanced technological features which facilitate grammar checking as well as personalized language learning. Here's how you can leverage Eduaide to achieve your goals:

  1. SignUp: First, register for an account on the Eduaide platform. Remember, it's free for teachers.
  2. Actions Post Upload: Once you’re logged in, upload a student's work. The AI bot will scan through and highlight grammar and structure issues. It provides constructive comments that you can give to the students for improvement.
  3. Personalized Language Learning: Use the Natural Language Processing feature of Eduaide. This entails uploading students' spoken or written assignments, after which Eduaide interacts with the students by answering their questions and providing clarifying explanations. This facilitates personalized learning.
  4. Resource Center: Utilize Eduaide's vast resource center, which holds over 100 types of resources including lesson plans, discussion prompts and games. Make use of the drop-down menus to filter resources by subject and grade level.
  5. Continuous Feedback: The tool allows for easy back-and-forth between you and the students, thereby facilitating continuous feedback and improvement.

Remember, as a teacher, your main role is to guide and mentor. Eduaide serves as your assistant, saving you time and providing your students with enriched, personalized learning experiences.

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