i need a database of free edcuational resources

Based on your search, Pedagogical could be a great fit for your needs. This platform offers a variety of tools that can assist you in creating quizzes, summaries, and tailored essay feedback. It supports various content types like images, PowerPoint slides, Word documents, PDFs, and YouTube videos, which can be used to create a diverse range of educational resources.

One of the key features of Pedagogical is its ability to turn your classroom materials into assessable content. This means you can easily convert your existing lesson materials into quizzes or summaries, making the assessment process more streamlined and efficient.

Another notable feature is the History A Level Essay Feedback Copilot. If you're teaching History, this tool can save you a significant amount of time by providing quick, curriculum-aligned feedback on student essays.

Additionally, Pedagogical allows you to customize the type of feedback each essay receives, including exam-level pointers. This can help students understand where they need to improve and how to achieve higher grades in their exams.

The platform also supports the inclusion of instructional diagrams like flow charts and mind maps. These visual aids can be particularly helpful in explaining complex topics and enhancing students' understanding.

Pedagogical is currently in beta and offers a free plan that includes all these features. However, please note that as a beta product, it may have some bugs or incomplete features.

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