I need a self generated cloze test.

Potential Paths: Path 1: The teacher could use Twee to generate fill-in-the-gap exercises related to a given topic. This tool offers the advantage of creating various types of exercises, not just fill-in-the-gap, which could add variety to the teacher's lessons. Path 2: The teacher could use either Questionwell AI or Nolej AI to prepare fill-in-the-blank questions using a given text. Both these tools offer the functionality of creating various types of questions from text. One advantage here is the ability to generate questions directly from the text, making the creation of exercises automatic once the content is uploaded.

Final Narrative: Based on the provided options, Questionwell AI stands out as the most appropriate tool to generate fill-in-the-blank exercises using a given text. Highlights of its features include:

  • Quick Question Generation: By providing a chosen text, you can generate a variety of questions, including fill-in-the-blank types.
  • Customization Options: While Questionwell AI automatically creates questions, you also have the option to edit, duplicate, remove, or flag questions as needed, giving you full control over the question set.
  • Export Options: Once your exercises are ready, you can conveniently export the questions to platforms like Canvas, Quizlet, and others.

These features directly address your original query, offering an efficient and customizable method for creating fill-in-the-blank exercises. Although there is a cost involved with the Pro and Premium plans of Questionwell AI, you can try it for a 14-day free trial to evaluate its suitability for your teaching needs before making any financial commitments.

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