Potential Paths: Path 1: The user could use Pedagogical to assess the students' knowledge by creating quizzes and then providing detailed and personalized feedback on their essays. Although it doesn't directly provide personalized learning plans, it does allow for tailored support based on the particular needs of each student. The tool's beta status, however, poses a potential risk of instability or incomplete features. Path 2: The user could opt for MagicSchool AI or Education CoPilot, both of which automate lesson planning. However, they don't explicitly mention the creation of personalized learning plans. While MagicSchool AI's Text Leveling feature can customize reading material levels, it doesn't adjust based on individual progress. Education CoPilot can generate reports about each student, which could be used to gauge their progress, but it doesn't specify if this can inform future personalized learning.

Final Narrative:

As you mentioned, you are seeking an EdTech tool that can offer personalized learning plans for students based on their individual needs and progress. Unfortunately, none of the tools identified in the search can create personalized learning plans as you specified. However, an effective alternative approach could involve a combination of products to achieve your goals.

You could leverage Pedagogical to create assessable content like quizzes that allow you to monitor student understanding and growth. With the feedback you gather from these assessments, you could, in turn, provide personalized essay feedback. This process could then indirectly feed into a manually created differentiated learning plan for each student based on their needs.

Please note that this approach might require a reasonable amount of manual work and coordination between different platforms, and Pedagogical is still in beta stages. Hence, user experience and feature completeness could vary. I recommend this approach with these considerations with the understanding that it won't perfectly cover your original request.

If this strategy doesn't suit your preferences, I recommend performing another search with slightly modified or relaxed requirements to see if there are additional platforms that could closer meet your needs.

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