Potential Paths: Path 1: Utilize MagicSchool AI. Even though it's not specifically designed as a task scheduler or progress tracker, it does offer an array of helpful tools for teachers that can save time, which can then be used to manage and track students' tasks manually. Path 2: Education CoPilot can be used as a lesson planning and assignment generating tool. However, like MagicSchool AI, it does not fulfill the direct query of scheduling tasks, setting reminders or tracking student assignments.

Final Narrative: Unfortunately, the tools that we have in the database like MagicSchool AI and Education CoPilot don't explicitly offer functionality related to scheduling tasks, setting reminders, or tracking student assignments and progress. These tools are mainly focused on assisting teachers with lesson planning, content creation and grading tasks.

Please reconsider your search query and specify if you're interested in tools that can aid in lesson planning, content creation, or grading, or re-run a search with your original request and we'll try to find a better match. Thank you!

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