I need a tool to differentiate materials for my students

Potential Paths: Path 1: Utilizing MagicSchool AI, which provides a set of differentiated tools. It can make learning materials more accessible to individual students through its text leveling feature. Its advanced proofreading tool can then provide specific feedback to each student on assignments, addressing their individual learning needs. Path 2: The teacher could use a combination of Pedagogical and Gradescope. Pedagogical provides a variety of learning and assessment tools, including instructional diagrams, while Gradescope has AI-assisted grading and individualized feedback features.

Final Narrative:

Based on your search query, the best fit among the three EdTech products appears to be MagicSchool AI. It provides a suite of tools that can help differentiate learning materials and assignments for your students.

*MagicSchool AI'*s key feature, text leveling, can adapt reading materials to various proficiency levels within your classroom. This can cater to each student's needs and abilities, making learning materials more personalized and effective. Given the program's ability to create custom assessments aligned with your teaching objectives, it could also help to differentiate assignments for your students.

Moreover, the product's Advanced Proofreading tool can identify writing issues in students' assignments and provide constructive, individualized feedback. This can guide each student in improving their skills in a personalized manner.

You can get started with MagicSchool AI by creating your free account on their website. From there, you can begin uploading learning materials and using the text leveling feature to adjust their complexity based on individual student needs. During the assignment marking phase, utilize the advanced proofreading tool to provide personalized feedback to each student.

Remember, MagicSchool AI is currently free for teachers, but they do plan on transitioning to a subscription model. However, they assure that there will be plan options designed to meet educators' needs and budgets, providing a long-term solution for differentiating your classroom's learning materials and student assignments.

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