I need an app for teaching about atoms

Potential Paths: Path 1: The teacher could use Pedagogical with its "Instructional Diagrams" feature which allows the addition of visual aids like flow charts and mind maps to help students understand complex topics. This could potentially be used to illustrate atomic structure and the properties of atoms. However, it is not clear whether the platform supports interactive simulations, which is a major requirement of the teacher’s query. Path 2: The teacher could use Sizzle, focusing primarily on its strong tools in science education. However, it lacks the visualization and interactive simulation features that seem to be primary needs for the teacher’s query.

Final Narrative: Based on the products presented, none fully meet your specific needs for a mobile app with interactive simulations and visual aids for teaching about atoms and their properties. Even though Pedagogical offers instructional diagrams and Sizzle provides robust science education tools, neither product seems to encompass both interactive simulations and visual aids in their offerings.

I recommend revising your search query or trying a new search to find a product that might better cater to your specific needs. For instance, you might try searching for a product that specializes in science education, or even specifically in chemistry education, as this could potentially yield more relevant results.

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