I need booklets that explicitly teach secondary maths

Potential Paths: Path 1: The user can use Pedagogical to create quizzes and tailored feedback for maths students. Although the platform is still in beta and may contain certain limitations, it does allow teachers to create instructional diagrams that can visually aid the understanding of complex maths topics. Path 2: The user can choose Prodigy Math which offers an experience tailored to the learner's pace. The software offers adaptive learning, real-time feedback, comprehensive reporting and curriculum alignment suitable for secondary math. It provides an interactive and engaging learning environment for secondary maths students.

Final Narrative: Based on your requirement to have a learning resource with guided lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes specifically for secondary maths, the best product among the three mentioned is Prodigy Math. This platform offers adaptive learning tailored to each student's learning pace, making the learning experience challenging yet manageable. Moreover, real-time feedback helps students learn from their mistakes promptly, thus enhancing the educational process.

In addition, Prodigy Math is beneficial for teachers as it allows them to track the progress of their students in real-time. This detailed reporting format can help you, as the teacher, to offer more targeted support or resources to aid a student's understanding of specific maths topics. The platform aligns with various educational standards like the Common Core, making it compatible and relevant to your classroom's maths lessons.

Access the platform through its website or app and check out its features, see which ones could be most useful in your teaching, and get started with setting up a learning environment for your students. Depending on your evaluation of the features, you may consider opting for the premium subscription that unlocks more functionalities. With this product, you can effectively address the need for guided lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes for secondary maths.

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