I need curriculum aligned videos for my year 11 pdhpe class in nsw

Potential Paths: Path 1: Using Eduaide, the teacher can make use of its extensive library of educational resources that include video content. Its sophisticated AI and NLP capabilities can customize these resources according to the teacher’s specific requirements, which in this case would mean tailoring the content to match the Year 11 PDHPE curriculum in NSW, Australia. Path 2: The teacher could use Pedagogical to integrate and enhance YouTube videos. However, it doesn't have native videos, and the platform is still in beta, which could lead to potential issues.

Final Narrative:

Based on the edtech options at hand, the best course of action for your specific need would most likely be the utilization of the Eduaide platform. While other products like Pedagogical and Education CoPilot offer a range of tools for lesson planning and assigning tasks, they do not provide specific functionalities that incorporate educational video resources pertaining to your precise requirement.

On the other hand, Eduaide has a key feature of providing a plethora of educational resource types, which notably includes video content. Where Eduaide really stands out is its application of AI and natural language processing to grasp your request and generate relevant, high-quality educational content that you can further tailor as required.

Therefore, here's a recommended step-by-step guide to solving your specific query:

  1. Set up an account on the Eduaide platform.
  2. Navigate to the dropdown menus for subject and grade level. Select PDHPE and Year 11 respectively.
  3. Specify that you are looking for video content fulfilling the curriculum needs for Year 11 PDHPE in NSW, Australia. The AI should grasp this query to generate relevant resources.
  4. Review the materials generated. Fine-tune the resources and adapt them to thoroughly meet your curriculum needs.

Remember that Eduaide is a free platform for teachers, and the company pays great attention to data privacy. This means you can comfortably use their resources without worrying about cost or data security.

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