I need pictures to match my slides

Potential Paths: Path 1: Using Beautiful.ai would allow the teacher to leverage its Design AI which automatically designs slides. This could include choosing relevant images based on the content of the slides. However, it's worth considering its focus on business presentations and its pricing structure, which some users have found to be expensive. Path 2: MagicSlides, an AI-powered Google Slide add-on, transforms text into professional presentations and generates captivating slides complete with images and relevant content based on the given topic and slide count. Given this strong alignment with the query, this seems to be a promising solution.

Final Narrative: For the best solution to auto-generate slides with relevant images based on text content, consider using MagicSlides.

This AI-powered tool integrates directly with Google Slides to create professional presentations, complete with captivating slides, images, and aligned content based on the given topic and count of slides.

Here's a simple way to use it:

  1. Download and install MagicSlides as an add-on to Google Slides.
  2. Start a new presentation and write the topics you want in your slides.
  3. Select the number of slides you require for your presentation.
  4. Run MagicSlides to generate your presentation. It will automatically pull in relevant images and content based on your text.

MagicSlides also supports all languages, making it quite versatile for diverse class subjects. It has a simple interface and requires no technical knowledge, allowing you to focus on your content, while the tool handles the design and imagery. Moreover, it offers both free and paid plans, ensuring you can test it out before fully committing.

Keep in mind that with MagicSlides, you might encounter occasional inaccuracies in content generation due to its AI nature. However, the time you save with automatic generation might outweigh minor inconsistencies that can be quickly refined. Give MagicSlides a try and make your slide preparation process more efficient and visually engaging.

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