i need real world examples for year 4 maths concepts

Based on your query, I would recommend using Wolfram Alpha for teaching year 4 maths concepts using real-world examples.

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that provides direct answers to factual queries. It covers a wide range of topics, including mathematics, making it suitable for your needs.

One of the key features of Wolfram Alpha that could be particularly useful for your purpose is its provision of real-world data. This feature allows you to connect mathematical concepts to reality, making learning more engaging and relatable for your students. For instance, you could use real-world data to teach concepts like fractions, percentages, or data interpretation.

Another beneficial feature is the step-by-step solutions that Wolfram Alpha provides for complex mathematical problems. This can aid you in explaining concepts and problem-solving techniques to your students, making it easier for them to understand and apply these concepts in real-world contexts.

Lastly, the Problem Generator feature can create an unlimited number of practice problems, allowing your students to test their understanding and gain confidence in various mathematical concepts.

In terms of pricing, Wolfram Alpha offers two main plans for educators: Pro for Educators and Pro Premium for Educators. The Pro for Educators plan costs $5.00 to $7.25 per month, billed annually at $60.00. The Pro Premium for Educators plan costs $8.25 per month, billed annually at $99.00.

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