I need something to help with marking

Potential Paths: Path 1: Use Pedagogical for creating quizzes and providing tailored essay feedback. It can also generate instructional diagrams to further aid students' understanding. This will help in reducing grading workload. Path 2: Use either Gradescope or Enlighten AI for AI-assisted grading which will standardize and speed up the grading process. These platforms also provide feedback on student assignments and exams. Gradescope additionally offers a dynamic rubric which allows you to update grading criteria even during grading.

Final Narrative: Based on your needs, we recommend Gradescope as it offers a strong automated grading solution. Particularly, Gradescope allows for AI-assisted grading of written exams and homework, which can help reduce your grading burden and quicker feedback provision.

A setup approach could involve:

  1. Integrate Gradescope with your current learning system as it synchronizes easily with systems like Canvas and Brightspace.
  2. You can utilize the AI-assisted grading feature to automate the grading of student assignments and exams. This will analyze student submissions and provide scores based on pre-set criteria.
  3. To tailor your grading to each individual assignment or exam, Gradescope allows for on-the-fly changes to rubric items and values during grading.
  4. The tool offers uniform grading across multiple submissions and automatically adjusts previous grades if you updated a rubric. This ensures consistency and fairness in scoring.

To provide more tailored feedback, you can utilize the tool's annotation features. Remember, although Gradescope streamlines the grading process, it is best utilized with well-planned rubrics and grading criteria – these will ensure maximum efficiency.

In essence, Gradescope can automate your grading tasks while maintaining grading consistency and providing detailed feedback, thereby making your life easier. Give it a go!

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