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CodeHS is a comprehensive coding and computer science teaching platform offering over 100 customizable courses, interactive learning environments, classroom management tools, grading tools, progress tracking, professional development for teachers, and integration with external educational LMS and LTI platforms.

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What CodeHS does

CodeHS is a platform designed to teach coding and computer science in schools. It provides a comprehensive curriculum for grades K-12, including over 100 customizable courses in various programming languages. CodeHS allows students to write, run, and debug code directly in their browser, eliminating the need for downloads. It also offers a suite of classroom management tools, grading tools, progress tracking, professional development for teachers, and integration with external educational LMS and LTI platforms.

Key features for teachers

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: CodeHS provides a wide range of courses in programming languages, including introductory courses in JavaScript and Python, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science in Java, Web Design, Virtual Reality, and more.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Students can write, run, and debug code in more than 10 programming languages directly in their browser.
  • Classroom Management Tools: Teachers can manage student rosters, assignments, progress, and grades. They can also customize assignments at a class or individual student level, control which assignments students have access to, and schedule when assignments become available.
  • Grading Tools: CodeHS Pro provides grading tools that allow teachers to give quick and personalized feedback. Teachers can manage student grades, configure point values, and quickly filter and sort student submissions.
  • Progress Tracking: CodeHS Pro includes real-time progress dashboards and data to quickly gauge student activity and provide instant feedback. Teachers can track student attendance, login history, and most recent activity.
  • Professional Development: CodeHS offers quality in-person, online, and virtual professional development for new and experienced teachers. It also provides unlimited access to mini PD courses and live PD workshops.
  • Integration with LMS: CodeHS can integrate with numerous external educational LMS and LTI platforms to streamline rosters, course assignments, and grades.


CodeHS offers a Free Plan, a Starter Plan for one teacher, and School and District Plans for multiple teachers. The Free Plan provides access to a full 6-12th grade pathway curriculum, including 100+ computer science courses. The Starter Plan includes the entire course library, improved functionality such as assessment reports, student attendance tracking, and cheat detection tools. The School and District Plans provide more extensive features, but the exact pricing is not publicly listed and requires a quote request.

Potential classroom applications

  • Collaborative Coding Projects: Teachers can encourage students to work together on coding projects using the real-time collaboration feature in CodeHS. This can help students develop teamwork and communication skills while solving complex problems together.
  • Cross-Curricular Integration: Teachers can integrate computer science concepts into other subject areas by creating custom assignments that combine coding with topics from subjects like math, science, or social studies.
  • Coding Competitions and Game Jams: Teachers can organize coding competitions or game jams where students are challenged to create a game or application within a specific time frame, based on a given theme or set of constraints.

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